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"40 years ago I hurt my neck at work. MDs told me I needed surgery but I didn't like that idea, so my neck just stayed sore. A few months ago I went to Dr. Schelly for a low back and hip problem. Her x-rays showed that I was out of alignment in my neck too. She treated me for a few weeks and I was focused on my hip pain, but one day I realized that my neck pain was gone! I had given up a long time ago on that ever feeling better. And it's felt good for about 2 months now. In fact, I saw a guy at church rubbing his neck and I gave him one of Dr. Schelly's cards. I told him he should give her office a call because my neck had felt the same way and now the pain was gone."

-Gary M.

"When I met Dr. Schelly in 2001 I had chest pain and it hurt to take a deep breath. I thought this was just from my fibromyalgia and that my ribcage was irritated by my job as a fitness trainer. As soon as she adjusted me I thought 'I'm free!' and I felt free from the pain in my chest I'd suffered for years. I have seen chiropractors since I was 12 years old and Dr. Schelly is different from any of the others - she listens and asks questions, she communicates well. Over these past 14 years Dr. Schelly has given me lots of practical advice like how to carry my purse and what kind of pillow to use. Not long ago my low back and hips hurt so much that a year after a car accident I was still walking with a cane (I'm only in my 50's) and had been advised to have surgery on my back. Dr. Schelly checked me and tested me and what she finally figured out was that I needed a heel lift! Between that and adjustments I can stand and walk straight again!"

-Trudy W.

Schelly Chiropractic, Peoria, IL

"I was referred to Dr. Laura Schelly by my co-worker who said she was tired of hearing me moan with yet another headache. I didn't even know I was making a noise but my head would hurt every morning until I took a few pills. My co-worker said that I was killing my liver taking that much pain killer, and she said Dr. Schelly had gotten her headaches under control, as well as her sinus congestion. Well at Dr. Schelly's office I learned that I was dehydrated and that my upper neck was out of alignment - both things that cause headaches. My neck was so off that even I could see it on my x-rays. She said it looked like I had been in an accident years ago, and she was right. My daily headaches started right about the time I had gotten in a car wreck! It only took a few weeks of treatment for me to see a change. And now I rarely have a headache - a miracle I attribute to Dr. Schelly's care."

-Alyssa J.