Chiropractics You Can Count On

Schelly Chiropractic provides all of our patients with the most high-quality care available. For more than 60 years we have been perfecting our methods and creating the type of experience you want to help you live pain free. Among our many types of treatments, we find two methods to be of particular value for alleviating pain.  They are called Intersegmental Traction and Long Axis Traction. 

Intersegmental Traction

There are 12 joints in the upper and mid-back spine and 5 in the lower back. Most humans don't tend to move or flex these joints daily. In fact we tend to use the same couple of joints in our back over and over because we are so inactive. This is NOT GOOD for the rest of the joints. The fluids that keep them healthy don't flow, the small muscles and their tendons don't get stretched and exercised, and the ligaments that hold the spine together get dry and stiff. Intersegmental traction is a therapy that can counteract this unhealthy stiffness. Chiropractic adjustments and this therapy stretch all the little structures and can help you regain the flexibility your back needs to stay healthy. Dr. Schelly will suggest this therapy if she thinks it will benefit you.

Long Axis Traction

There are 24 bones (vertebrae) in your spine separated by discs. These discs are softer than bone and can "compress" from gravity pushing down on us all day. One of the problems coming from this compression is the discs get thinner; making the vertebrae closer together. This is NOT GOOD as the nerves in and around our spines can be pressed upon when the bones get closer together. Basically, what Long Axis traction does is pull the vertebrae apart - just a tiny bit - and gives the nerves more space, so the parts of you that these nerves control can function correctly. It takes a few treatments to get results since gravity has been acting on our backs for as many years as you've been alive. And some patients need supportive care for a long time because their backs have other unhealthy issues. Your treatment with this therapy will be ordered by Dr. Schelly when needed.

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