Acupressure that Works Wonders

Acupressure is a practice that originated in eastern medicine, but has become wildly popular in the west due to its healing properties. Chinese Acupuncture – with the use of needles - is a very effective way to treat a large variety of ailments.  The process of acupressure is similar but without needles.  Using an electrical device such as the one Dr. Schelly uses is yet another way to handle conditions without turning to drugs or surgeries.

How It Works

At Schelly Chiropractic, Dr. Schelly does not like to use needles, so she uses a small device which stimulates the acupuncture points with a small electrical impulse. Pain from swollen or arthritic joints, sinus congestion, sciatica and muscle spasm are the most common problems Dr. Schelly treats with acupressure.

We find that they respond well to our device and are comfortable with it.

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