“If you’re in pain I can help." Dr. Laura Schelly

Take some time to review some of our top procedures below and learn how Schelly Chiropractic can do more for you:

Seeing a chiropractor to align your spine can have far-reaching effects on every part of your body. Headaches, dizziness, shoulder pain, upper back pain, heartburn and many more problems relate to your spine being misaligned.  Dr. Schelly adjusts gently with her hands but also uses the Activator Method - a non-twisting, non-"popping" technique. You can choose the type of adjusting you prefer! And her thorough examination and xrays can show you where your problems are beginning, as well as directing Dr. Schelly's treatment plan. 

Tightness in your muscles can have a direct impact on your mood and health. Stress, overexertion during physical activity, nagging injury - all of these problems can result in muscle spasms, leaving "knots" in the muscles that can hurt for years after the spasms stop. Massage clears these knots, relaxes the muscles, improves blood and lymphatic flow and leaves you more healthy and happy! Leah England, LMT, has worked with Dr. Schelly since 2009 and confers with her about the type of massage that will best help each patient's condition, whether a strained shoulder or fibromyalgia or simple low back pain.

There are special pressure points that lie along the meridians or channels of your body. With our acupressure therapies, we find these channels and use a special device to sedate the area's nerves until they are free from pain, inflammation, or tightness. Acupressure uses the same "points" as acupuncture - but with no needles.

Schelly Chiropractic, Peoria, IL

Gravity has an effect on every joint in our bodies but it is especially harmful to the spine. Narrowing of our spinal discs due to gravity or arthritis causes pinching of the nerves that go to our arms, legs, intestines, heart, lungs - literally all of the body is effected by gravity compressing the spinal discs. Our traction does the reverse - it stretches the spine and frees the nerves, resulting in less pain and weakness.

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